Meet the Team!

We are Vanessa Guanchez and Nairobi Dorta, the co-founders of this company. Welcome to our Social Media Marketing Portfolio.


We have been friends since we were kids, and we have a strong passion for marketing and design. We have been freelancing in the social media marketing world for quite some time and have gained a wealth of experience in this field. However, we felt that we could achieve more by working together and combining our skills and knowledge to provide exceptional services to our clients.


Despite living in different continents, we make it a point to stay in touch and communicate regularly. We have built a strong and supportive friendship that has lasted over 15 years, and we believe that this strong foundation is what makes us a great team.

Nairobi SeaFlow Co-founder


Vanessa- Seaflow-Studio-Social-Media Agency


We are also proud mothers, which has taught us valuable skills such as time management, multi-tasking and empathy. We love what we do, especially the design aspect, and we are committed to providing our clients with visually appealing and effective marketing strategies. 



Our portfolio represents the diverse range of businesses we have helped connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Our team has designed and executed digital strategies that drive measurable results from small startups to established brands. Each project in our portfolio demonstrates our commitment to creativity, innovation, and delivering exceptional outcomes. Partner with SeaFlow Studio and unlock the potential for your business’s digital success.

Social Media Marketing Portfolio